RV trip ideas to help you glamp in style.

Getting away from the hustle and bustle for a while is good for the soul, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave everything behind. From lighting ideas to portable entertainment and food storage and preparation, a bit of technology can supercharge your glamping experience. 

Adverse weather and a lack of access to electricity are among the primary challenges you can experience on the road. Campers face the additional hardships of sleeping in the dark, cold, and on the ground. Being prepared for these challenges is one of the most important steps in planning a memorable camping or RV trip. 

Here are a few camping and RV travel ideas that will turn your adventure into the best RV trip of your life! 

5 Tips to Make Your Campsite Feel Like Home

Tip #1: Portable Power 

When portable gasoline-powered generators become prohibitively expensive or impractical, there are several options on the market for powering your electronic necessities and devices on the go. 

Highly portable, rechargeable power stations such as those by Jackery or Goal Zero can be charged at home before leaving and then again almost anywhere there is an outlet available. Most of the best RV routes have gas stations, rest stops, and restaurants along the way. Car outlets are another convenient option. 

Several sizes of portable batteries are available, ranging from pocket-sized versions that offer a few charges for a phone or tablet to massive, 5,000-Watt batteries that will power a TV plus every other imaginable device for days. Just remember to charge them whenever possible to ensure you have a great RV trip! 

Tip #2: Campground Lighting 

Some of the best places to go RVing are far away from people, and when it gets dark, the moon and starlight are the only sources of light around. This is wonderful for the amateur astronomer—but not so much for those who just tripped over a log fumbling around in the dark. Therefore, it’s essential to come prepared with flashlights and lanterns. 

There is a wide variety of portable lighting on the market, from pocket versions to tower-mounted lighting that will illuminate half of the forest. One of the most important aspects to consider is the power source. Many modern versions are rechargeable, relying on USB power that you can plug into any portable power station, car outlet, or electrical plug. 

Headlamps are an excellent choice and help with many tasks like cooking, collecting wood, and as a backup in survival situations. They are also useful on the trail. A LED lantern is ideal for hanging in the tent or from the RV and illuminating a wide area. 

Tip #3: Staying Comfortable 

The best RV trips and camping experiences often take us far off the beaten path, so getting rest and staying comfortable is essential, especially when sightseeing and hiking are on the itinerary. No need to wake up sore as long as you come prepared! 

Foldable, packable chairs are a necessity. They will keep you clean and dry and provide a comfy place to sit around the fire. When coming up with camping and RV vacation ideas, be sure to plan ahead and bring enough chairs for the group. 

Foldable cots will keep you off the ground and provide a much better night’s rest than sleeping rough—your joints will thank you in the morning! You can also find sleeping bags, inflatable ground pads, and compressible pillow tops at your local outdoor retailer. They are often much less bulky than their traditional alternatives and take up less space within your pack or RV’s cargo hold. 

Don’t forget to get a hammock! These are always a hit with the family and can be a great place to snooze in the breeze after lunch. 

Tip #4: Food Prep 

The best camping and RV vacations are often centered on the campfire, and food is one of the key components of making a campfire memorable. Gas-powered stoves have long been the camper’s best friend. Using propane gas canisters, you can light two or three burners simultaneously to provide a fabulous meal to your travel companions. Check out these RV Hacks!

You can also add portable grills, smokers, and boilers to ensure you have every option available—from simple stew to four-course meals. Stackable pots, pans, and kitchen utensils are easily stowable in your RV’s kitchen. 

Utensil and dining sets made of enamel or BPA-free plastic can be as nice as fine china after a long day on the trail. Make sure to pack enough for each guest! 

Tip #5: Glamping, The Outdoor Lap of Luxury 100 

Not satisfied with roughing it? The best camping and RV vacations don’t need to feel like you're lost in the wilderness. You can bring a bit of luxury on the road! 

Portable televisions and projectors can bring the big screen to the outdoors. You can bask your campsite in a warm glow with the use of string lights powered by your portable power station. Blow-up air mattresses can make you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. Spice up the site with woven rugs, luxurious throws, and fluffy pillows. The ideas are endless. It just needs to feel like home! 

Final Thoughts 

When coming up with camping and RV vacation ideas, try to incorporate some of these tips into your pack list. Some of the best RV routes take you far off the beaten path, and it makes for a much better experience if you have just a few of the creature comforts from home! 

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By Jeyree Everly
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