5 ways to stay cool in your RV this summer.

The summer is quickly approaching, and for many RVers and RV families, that means there are plenty of adventures on the horizon. Summer heat does present some challenges for RVing, though, from staying cool to avoiding high energy and fuel use. Use these simple, practical tips to stay cool on all your summer RV excursions.

1. Stick to the Shade

Never underestimate the difference it can make when your RV is in the shade. That natural shield from the sun can do wonders to keep your RV’s interior from heating up. When you’re parking your RV in a new destination, try to find a shaded parking spot if possible.

No shade available? That’s okay, you can get creative. Make your own shade with a tarp, tying one side to your RV roof and staking the other end into the ground. Not only will the shade keep your RV cooler but it will offer cool space for you to enjoy the outdoors.

2. Use the Breeze Strategically

Wind is nature’s air conditioner, and there are ways to make the most use of it when the weather is hot. Ideally, park your RV in a direction that allows the wind to face a window. You might need to look up the typical wind patterns in your area, although if you aren’t sure, wind in the US most often flows from west to east. Park in a way that you can open your windows to the east and west so you can take advantage of the fresh breeze.

3. Keep Your Windshield, Skylight, and Other Glass Covered

While the breeze can be great for windows that open, what do you do with glass that doesn’t open to the wind, like your windshield and your skylight? In these cases, keep them covered as often as possible.

An insulated windshield cover, for example, will reflect sunlight outward so it doesn’t heat up the inside of your RV. A skylight cover can help with this too, as can using your awning.

4. Prioritize Air Conditioning Maintenance

During a hot summer, your RV’s air conditioner can be a life-saver. Maintenance is critical for keeping that A/C up and running when the weather heats up. Changing your filters routinely is important, and so is having the air conditioner inspected every year, ideally in the spring. These minor additions to your to-do list will help your A/C run more efficiently and lower the risk that it will break down on a dangerously hot day.

5. Opt for Outdoor Cooking

We’re sure your family is delighted when you cook for them, but there’s a downside: cooking inside your RV will heat up the RV very quickly (and uncomfortably when the weather is warm). Instead, take advantage of your beautiful natural environment and cook outside. You can grill, cook over a campfire, and so on. Just make sure you’re paying attention to the fire risk in your area and abiding by the local guidelines.

Staying Cool in a Hot Summer

Whether you have a few RV camping trips in the works for this summer or you’re a full-time RVer, you need to be smart about managing the heat. The tips above can help you stay cool and safe even on the hottest of days.

By Jeyree Reed
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