Enviro Design Products, Inc. (EDP) is an international wholesale and retail company that manufactures plumbing supplies, manhole covers, utility vault products, and well drilling equipment. Concentrating on a niche market, we offer items that are used for protecting and operating environmental, sewer, and RV park industries.

Being in the sewer cap and well plug business for more than 25 years, we have gained a reputation for providing hands-on services that meet our clients' demands. Our focus is creating products that aid the field person's technical and hardware requirements. We find the precise solutions to the customer's immediate needs, and encourage clients to describe their required services and products in detail. In rare cases where we do not have the items in stock, we find ways to acquire them.

EDP has launched three new lines of plumbing and sewer products. This is to fulfill our goal of bringing high-quality products to better serve the environmental and RV resort industries. Please view our latest product lines of plumbing equipment, sewer equipment, and well equipment.