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Torquer Plugs

Torquer plugs are a high quality locking nylon expansion plug. Recognized throughout the industry as an inexpensive watertight locking plug that is built tough and with integrity. The Torquer plug comes in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the drilling, well monitoring, waste, and commercial plumbing industries.

Sizes available from 1/2 inch to 6" sizes

  • Protect your monitoring boreholes from surface contamination and tampering with a Torquer high security locking well plug. Torquer plugs are simple, secure and available in a wide range of diameters.
  • Torquer well plugs incorporate a simple but reliable locking mechanism with no moving parts. They are brightly coloured with a comfort grip using an "easy on", "easy off" wing nut design. The seals are formed from a dual rubber gasket which is liquid tight and super-strong.
  • Two instrument tethering eyes are included at the base of the plugs for suspending equipment. Plugs are lockable using a Master Lock #1 or #3 or equivalent.
  • Well plugs are constructed from a partially recycled plastic incorporated into a 33% glass filled Nylon body. The gasket is composed of neoprene. These plugs will completely seal the borehole and are unvented.
  • For use with loggers, most plugs can be supplied with a small diameter vent hole to prevent pressurisation of the borehole during logging. Please be aware this does introduce a small opening in the plugs and consequently vented plugs should not be used for permanent sealing of boreholes, particularly where flooding can occur.