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easy instal


easy instal
Easy to install
cost effective

Odourless and self-closing.

Our foot-operated sewer caps allow an adventurous and flexible lifestyle, worry-free. Simply place your foot on the cap, tilt and it opens up.

Easy to install and cost efficient.

No riveting, gluing or screwing, simply hammer it on for easy access to your sewer without having to lift a finger.

With a hose held by jaws, there is no need for overextension to reach the sewer.

Built to Last.

Durable in the harshest environments, featuring ultra-high chemical and temperature resistance plus UV resistant properties.

Tamper-free quality.

Caps feature an embossed sewer label for assurance of its quality. Standard padlocks can also be accommodated to avoid tampering.


Our footloose sewer caps are available in the following types:

4.00" female bottom or drive-on model

4.00" male bottom or threaded model

3.50" female threads for sewer hookup.

New and long-lasting color formula that includes orange and yellow. Custom colors are also available.
We are also proud to say that all of our caps and expansion plugs are made in Florida or New York.
All their components are made here in the United States.

*For all custom orders please email