Our favorite RV tips and tricks to save you time and money

When you’re on the road, a touch of creativity can save the day (plus some serious money). Especially in a tight space like an RV or camper, a few handy RV tips and tricks can make a big difference. Here are 25 of our best RV hacks you don’t want to miss:

1. Moisture Absorbing Packets

Mold and mildew are not only unsightly but can also affect your health. Save the anti-moisture packets you find in packaging and put them around your RV to absorb moisture, especially when you’re traveling in humid regions.

2. Hair Rollers

These curling rods have a soft and non-conductive outer foam layer, making them ideal for organizing electrical cords, cables, and anything that needs to be bundled both inside and outdoors.



3. Gadget Storage Boxes

Organization is the key to sanity when you’re living in a small space. These transparent gadget storage boxes keep all your small items in one place. You can stack them up and see what’s in each box so you don’t have to spend hours trying to locate “that screw.”

4. Garden Flag Holders

Turn these flag holders into outdoor paper towel holders when you’re hanging out, working, or having a picnic outside your RV.

5. Grippy Rubber Mats

Protect your bowls and plates and minimize noises from shifting pots and pans while in transit by putting grippy rubber mats between each piece. You can also use these mats to keep small items in place when the vehicle is moving.

6. Plastic Drawer Organizers

These lightweight and stackable drawers come in different sizes so you can fit them almost anywhere. Use a curtain rod or ratchet strap to prevent the drawers from sliding out while in transit.

7.  Clear Lazy Susans

Another favorite RV camping hack, these lazy susans are great for organizing anything from spices to toiletry on a shelf or in a deep cabinet. You can make the best use of nooks and crannies and still find anything you need right away!

8. Velcro Strips

Who wants to stress over a lost remote that jumps off the shelf while in transit? Velcro strips keep items in place so you don’t have to go on a treasure hunt when you arrive at your destination.

9. Poster Mounting Putty

Keep small and delicate items in place with some mounting putty instead of velcro. The museum-quality putty comes off easily and won’t damage surfaces.

10. Tension Shower Curtain Rod/Suspension Rod

Need to hang up wet clothes or towels? Set up a curtain rod in your shower. Put some mounting putty between the rubber end and the wall for extra holding power.

11. Tension Curtain Rod… Part 2

Use these rods to prevent items from falling off the shelves or sliding out of place during transit. Since they can extend to almost any length for various situations, it doesn’t hurt to have a few handy!

12. Door Pocket Organizers

Organization is the name of the game! These door organizers keep everything from bug spray and sunscreen to flashlights and duct tapes handy so you don’t have to  scramble when you need them.


13. Nesting Ware

Save space and keep your kitchen organized with nesting ware, such as mixing bowls, serving bowls, measuring cups, cookware, and storage containers.

14. Can and Bottle Sleeves

Those insulation sleeves that keep cans and bottles cold are also handy for preventing your wine and beer bottles from clashing together or breaking during transit.

15. LED Headlamps

Take off the strap and stick these LED lamps to cabinets and shelves with mounting putty to provide lighting without complex wiring. Charge them once in a while, and they’re good to go!

16. Ankle Socks

This surprising travel trailer hack uses (new!) socks to protect your stemware. Simply slide one over any glassware when they’re not in use.

17. Vent Cushion

Traveling to cold places? Proper insulation not only keeps you comfortable but also lowers heating costs. A vent cushion helps reduce heat loss through openings. Bubble wrap and Styrofoam also make for decent insulation in a pinch.

18. Organization Baskets 

Another great camper hack, these baskets allow you to organize smaller items efficiently in your cabinets. You can save space without worrying about the items flying all over the place.

19. Adhesive Hooks

From towels to strings of lights, adhesive hooks allow you to hang pretty much anything on any surface without drilling a hole.

20. Bungee Cords


Here’s another travel trailer tip for keeping things in place while in transit—bungee cords allow you to secure items and give you the flexibility to do so in endless configurations.

21. Shower Caddies with Suction Cups

Keep little things handy by sticking these caddies on the windshield, windows, mirrors, and more. They’re also great for organizing activities for kids on a long drive.

22. Ceramic Tiles

RV ovens are smaller and tend to heat up unevenly. Put a ceramic tile in your oven to improve heat distribution.

23. Crib Sheets

Give your interior a makeover—you can easily reupholster furniture with crib sheets. They’re easy to get, come in many designs, and can be secured using safety pins without sewing.

24. Make a Light Bucket

A light bucket is a perfect outdoor lighting solution that costs close to nothing and can be put together in no time. Get creative and decorate your bucket light with stencils and stickers! 

25. Glow-in-the-Dark Tapes

Mark steps and other protruding elements inside your RV so you can find your way around at night without turning on a blaring light.

Bonus Tip: Use the Community Centers

While you’re on the road, don’t hesitate to stop by the local community centers. Besides using some of the amenities, you can mingle with the locals and get insider tips about the area.

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By Jeyree Everly
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