How to find savings, community, and camping sites with RV clubs.

The RV life is a wholly unique lifestyle, and for many new RVers, it’s the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of untethered freedom. There’s a lot to learn about the RV life when you’re first getting started, though, from the essentials of operating and maintaining your RV to the best campgrounds to enjoy.

Sure, you’ll learn much of this along the way. But the best way to boost your knowledge from day one is to join an RV club.

Why Join an RV Club?

It might surprise you to learn that there are numerous popular RV clubs out there, some with millions of members. There’s plenty you can gain by getting involved in these RV-specific clubs.

The most notable benefit is becoming a part of the RV community. People who live the RV life see a kinship with their fellow RVers, which can be an incredibly supportive and positive community. Getting involved in an RV club can help you get to know your fellow RVers and form friendships with people who understand your lifestyle.

Second, you get the advice of experienced RVers. Many RV clubs have message boards, social media groups, or other easy ways to chat with other group members. You can get the opinions and advice of people who know the RV life inside and out, whether you have a question about maintaining your RV or are building your wishlist of RV-friendly places to explore.

Finally, some clubs come with financial perks, too. Many RV clubs have members-only discounts on travel necessities, campground fees, and more.

Top RV Clubs to Join for New RVers

If you’re new to the RV life (or have been an RVer for years but haven’t delved into the community), there are many types of clubs waiting to welcome you with open arms. Consider these top RV clubs.

Escapees RV Club

Escapees RV Club is one of the most renowned RV clubs worldwide. It has been around for 40 years and has more than 60,000 members. While the community is the heart and soul of Escapees RV Club, this club provides plenty of other perks as well. It offers online courses, in-person events, forums, and a variety of discounts. You can also purchase add-on services for your membership, like roadside assistance, specialized mail services, and more.

Good Sam

Good Sam is the largest RV club in the U.S., boasting over two million members. That’s no surprise when you see all that it has to offer. Your membership grants you discounted access to member campgrounds and RV parks, along with savings at popular retail shops and fuel stations like Camping World, Pilot and Flying J, Overton’s, and more.

Family Motor Coach Association

The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) has been a popular club for RVers since 1963, and it’s as strong as ever today. This club caters to families and private RVers and offers benefits like access to FMCAssist emergency medical services, an abundant learning library, optional mobile internet rental packages, and more. Your membership fees also support the club’s advocacy efforts to benefit RVers nationwide.

Passport America

Campsites can become a major expense for RV families, especially if you’re a full-time RVer. If you want to start saving on those fees, Passport America is the club to join. This club spans all of North America and offers exclusive discounts at over 1,200 campgrounds—often as much as 50% off the regular nightly rate. You also get resources to help you plan your next adventure, like Passport America maps and a specialized mobile app.

Harvest Hosts

So many RVers are drawn to the lifestyle because of the freedom it offers, so why not branch out from the usual campgrounds? Harvest Hosts is an RV club that gives you access to unique and specialized camping sites. From farms to breweries to wineries and other attractions, you can find your next great adventure through Harvest Hosts.

Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is actually a branch of Harvest Hosts, and it has a similar focus: giving you access to a variety of unique camping sites you’ll love. While Harvest Hosts specializes in businesses that host RVers, like wineries and farms, Boondockers Welcome specializes more in offering a platform for private property owners to open their gates to RVers. Think of it like the RV equivalent of Airbnb, but because you’re staying in your RV, you still have your own comfortable space.

The Happy Campers’ Club

The Happy Campers’ Club is all about sharing intel and serving as an all-encompassing directory for RVers. It has a directory of camping and RV parking sites, events to attend, activities, and even available vehicles if you’re planning on adding to your fleet. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you can find it with The Happy Campers’ Club.


Join the village of people throughout the world who live the RV life by joining RVillage. This club specifically emphasizes the community aspect of most RV clubs, with a focus on bringing people together through a mutual passion for the RV lifestyle. RVillage embraces people at any point in their RV journey, so it’s a perfect place for new RVers to get acquainted and start forming lifelong bonds.

Digging Into the RV Life with RV Clubs

Whether you just bought your first RV or have been enjoying the freedom of RVing for years, joining the community by becoming a member of RV clubs can allow you to reach new depths of this rich lifestyle. Whether you’re joining a club for discounts and savings or to get acquainted with other RVers, the RV clubs above can help you make the most of the open road.

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By Jeyree Reed
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