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The Cherne® 3" Kwik 'N Sure® Plug is the perfect solution for high-pressure applications and can be used in all types of pipes. It is specifically designed to plug water line stub-outs, making it an essential tool for any plumbing project.

This plug comes with a range of features that make it incredibly versatile and easy to use. It works seamlessly in all types of pipe, ensuring a secure and reliable fit. Whether you're working with PVC, copper, or any other material, this plug has got you covered.

The Cherne® 3" Kwik 'N Sure® Plug is designed to withstand high-pressure applications, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in its performance. With a maximum back pressure of 28 psi, this plug can handle even the toughest plumbing tasks.

Equipped with a natural rubber o-ring, this plug ensures a tight and leak-free seal. The .39"-1.25" sizes feature a convenient wing nut, while the 1.5"-5" sizes come with a sturdy hex nut, allowing for easy installation and removal.

In terms of specifications, this plug can handle a head pressure of up to 65 feet. It has a nominal size of 3" and a usage range of 2.73"-3.2", providing a perfect fit for a wide range of pipe sizes.

When it comes to quality and reliability, Cherne® is a trusted name in the industry. Their Kwik 'N Sure® plugs are built to last and deliver exceptional performance.

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