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The Cherne 8" Monitor Well Locking Plug is a high-quality and petro-chemical resistant plug designed to effectively seal monitor wells. This plug is specifically sized to seal Sch. 40 piping, ensuring a secure and reliable seal.

One of the key features of this locking plug is its versatility. In addition to Sch. 40 piping, the 2" and 4" sizes can also seal schedule 5 plastic pipe. This makes it a versatile solution for various piping systems.

The locking mechanism of the Cherne Monitor Well Locking Plug is designed for maximum security. It features a yellow chromate-coated locking latch that accepts Cherne's solid brass padlock or the no 2 Master padlock. This ensures that the plug remains securely in place, preventing any unwanted tampering or access.

To further enhance its durability and resistance to chemicals and petroleum, this locking plug is equipped with a petroleum-resistant nitrile o-ring. It meets all EPA requirements for locking plugs, making it a reliable choice for environmental monitoring applications.

The construction of this locking plug is also noteworthy. It is made with chemical- and petroleum-resistant Estaloc plastic top and bottom plates, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh conditions. The stainless steel carriage bolt adds to its durability and strength.

In terms of specifications, the usage range of this locking plug is 7.76"-8.03". It can withstand a head pressure of up to 15 feet and has a maximum back pressure of 6.5 PSI (0.45 bar). The nominal size is 8 inches, and it is branded by Cherne.

The Cherne 8" Monitor Well Locking Plug is available in a vibrant green color, making it easy to identify and locate in the field.

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