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The Air-Loc® Smoke Generating Device 30 Seconds is a highly effective tool for identifying inflow with its thick and dense smoke. This smoke candle is incredibly easy to use and can be used with most smoke blowers. With a 1-year shelf life, it is a reliable option for your needs.

One of the key features of the Air-Loc® Smoke Candle is its time-proven performance. It has been trusted by professionals for years and has consistently delivered exceptional results. Whether you are a contractor, plumber, or inspector, this device is a must-have for your toolkit.

Using the Air-Loc® Smoke Candle is a breeze. Simply light the candle and let the thick smoke fill the desired area. The dense smoke makes it easy to spot any inflow issues, allowing you to quickly identify and address them. It is a simple yet effective solution for detecting leaks and other problems.

If you require a longer smoke time, the Air-Loc® Smoke Candle also comes in a 3-minute version. This version features a double wick, allowing multiple units to be strung together for an extended smoke time. This is particularly useful for larger areas or more complex inspections.

Please note that depending on your local state law, the Air-Loc® Smoke Candle may need to be stored in a fireproof container. It is essential to comply with any regulations to ensure safety.

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