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The Cherne 15"-16" Muni Ball Plug with a 3" Bypass is the perfect solution for installation and repair of residential or commercial piping systems. With its durable natural rubber construction, it can seal even the roughest surfaces, ensuring a reliable and secure connection.

This single-size plumbing Muni-Ball Plug offers a full bypass, allowing for both testing and monitoring of piping systems. This means you can easily check for any leaks or issues before finalizing the installation or repair. The threaded aluminum bypass adds to the convenience and versatility of this plug.

Not only does this Muni-Ball Plug work in all types of pipes, but it can also be easily converted into an air test plug with the use of a conversion kit. This makes it a versatile tool that can adapt to different testing requirements.

The specifications of this plug are as follows: it weighs 33 lbs and can withstand a maximum back pressure of 13 psi (0.9 bar)/30 ft. (9.1 M). The inflation pressure is 35 psi (2.4 bar), and the deflated length is 19.75 in. (502 mm). The bypass diameter is 3 in. F, and the deflated diameter is 13.75 in. (346 mm). The inflation thread is 1/4 in.

With a nominal size of 15 in. - 16 in. (375 - 400 mm) and a usage range of 14.0 in. - 16.0 in. (356 - 413 mm), this Muni-Ball Plug is designed to fit perfectly in pipes within this size range. It also features a chain eye bolt measuring 3/8 in. (1).

The Cherne 15"-16" Muni Ball Plug is a top-quality product from Cherne Industries, a global leader in pipe plug, blocking, and testing. Its black color adds a sleek and professional touch to your plumbing system.

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