Did you know there are sewer caps that can be operated with just one foot? Read this article to learn about the features of hands-free sewer caps.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the quantity, variety, and cost of RV park or campground products. On the one hand, you want to provide an enjoyable experience for your visitors, but on the other hand, how many tools do visitors need? After all, isn’t the point of camping or taking RV trips to live as close to nature as reasonably possible for a few days? 

However, it’s a well-known fact that one aspect of RV park maintenance that shouldn’t be circumvented is waste management. Making sure your guests are able to dump RV waste quickly, efficiently, and safely should be a top priority for your property manager. Otherwise, you risk the safety of your guests, heavy fines, and an ill-kept campground (which can translate to bad visitor reviews, decreased business, and more. Yikes!).

There are several products you can purchase to make sure your RV park or campground has the dirtiest part of camping under control. An easy place to start is the easy-to-install, affordable sewer cap.

What Are Sewer Caps?

Sewer openings can be seen in any lot of any RV park or campground. But as park or campground visitors dump the waste from their RV into the sewer, it’s important to ensure a way to contain the smell of sewage and prevent a biohazard accident from occurring. Sewer caps are a product that affixes to the top of a PVC piping sewer access point, which effectively solves the issue of waste containment.

If not for sewer caps, nothing would separate you from the sewage you’re disposing of!


Why Should RV Parks Invest in Sewer Caps?

There are countless reasons to invest in sewer caps for your park or campground, but the three primary factors are odor management and sewage safety; ease of installment; and, finally, affordability.

1.     Odor Management

Sewer caps provide a sealed barrier between the sewage from your RV that you dispose of and the outside world. Sewer caps keep the air in your RV park or campground clean, protecting the health of your patrons.

2.     Ease to Installment

Besides a rubber mallet, sewer caps require no additional equipment to install. Some sewer caps only need to be twisted on! Despite their ease of installation, when done correctly, the caps stay firmly in place even with heavy use over time.

3.     Affordable

With all the benefits that sewer caps provide, they are also an extremely affordable tool for your RV park or campground. If you’re considering an upgrade to your sewer caps, you can explore options comfortably without worrying about your bottom line.

Is a Hands-Free Sewer Cap Right for Your Campground?

There are a few different kinds of sewer caps available on the market, but one of the most useful variations of this tool is a hands-free sewer cap. Instead of having to coordinate between either bringing someone with you to help lift the sewer cap when you go to dump your waste or setting your container down to open it yourself, a hands-free sewer cap allows you to easily open access to the sewer with your foot. 

In addition to this sewer cap making it easier to dump waste during an RV or camping trip, it’s also extremely affordable. Enviro Design Products manufactures several different types of hands-free sewer caps, all with even more features that can ease the experience of dumping waste. Humorously named the “FootLoose sewer cap,” Enviro Design Products’ sewer cap is designed with the end-user in mind.


FootLoose Sewer Cap Features

1.     Male and Female caps

The Enviro Design Products sewer cap comes in both male and female versions. The male FootLoose Sewer Cap threads onto a standard threaded PVC collar, while the female cap attaches onto a 4” PVC pipe.  

2.     Bright Colors

Depending on the earth and soil that surround the access to your campground’s sewers, you might find yourself wanting a certain color sewer cap that will help the location stand out from its surroundings. Whether your property is in a desert, a forest, or beach-adjacent, Enviro Design Products sells FootLoose Sewer Caps in orange, white, and yellow.

3.     Local and Long-Lasting Manufacturing

Enviro Design Products’ FootLoose Sewer Caps are made in the U.S. and built to last. The color formula used to produce the bright colors mentioned above has UV-resistant properties, which means your sewer caps won’t fade, even after many hours of harsh, direct sunlight. FootLoose sewer caps are also designed to have very high chemical and temperature resistance.

4.     Tamper-Resistant

Despite being easy to open with one foot, these sewer caps are resistant to tampering. Especially if your campground frequently attracts traveling families, you can rest assured that small children won’t be able to open the sewer cap on accident. If you’d prefer some extra security for your sewer caps, you can also easily add padlocks or zip ties to secure the cap closed. 

Although you might not have previously put too much thought into the type of sewer cap you need to buy for your RV park or campground, Enviro Design Products’ FootLoose Sewer Caps are an affordable way to simplify the sewage disposal process for both you and your guests. To browse the collection of caps for sale, please visit our FootLoose sewer cap webpage!


By Jeyree Everly
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