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RV vacations are unlike any other. The ability to take your motor home with you wherever you go means there is practically no limit to the types of experiences you can have.

This versatility is one of the reasons why RVs are more popular than ever. Whether exploring the mountains, the deserts, or the coasts of the United States, your RV’s features and amenities ensure great RV trips throughout the country.

Top 8 Best Places to Go RVing in the United States

We’ve collected some of the best RV routes and vacation ideas for outdoor enthusiasts looking to get away. These places include some of the country’s most iconic biomes, showcasing the natural splendor that awaits RV-equipped adventurers of all kinds.

1.     The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon National Park is an American icon. As one of the world’s most recognizable natural wonders, it has inspired generations of travelers from every corner of the planet. For millennia before that, it served as the cultural and physical center of the ancient Anasazi peoples’ civilization.

As an RV trip destination, the Grand Canyon has a lot to offer. The South Rim is open year-round, featuring lodges, museums, and numerous hiking trails. The more remote North Rim has fewer amenities and limited seasonal availability – but that also means no tourist crowds and why people like boondocking.  

Depending on which rim you visit, you also have ample opportunities to take in the culture and history of the region’s many native inhabitants. The Havasupai, Hualapai, Navajo, and Hopi tribes have much to offer travelers willing to make the trip to some of the area’s most remote regions.

2.     Yosemite National Park


Yosemite National Park is another one of America’s most iconic landmarks. Immortalized by photography pioneer Ansel Adams and environmental philosopher John Muir, it is one of the most visited national parks in the country. 

RVers and campers have plenty of options to choose from when visiting the park. Yosemite Valley, North Pines, and Lower Pines all offer the serene natural beauty that the park is known for. However, these areas are also extremely popular – you’ll have to make reservations well ahead of time to ensure you get a spot.

3.     Glacier National Park


Located in Montana’s Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park is known as the “Crown of the Continent.” The area known as the Triple Peak Divide serves as the partition point for rainfall throughout all of North America. 

Here, only a few inches’ width determines whether rainwater ends up in the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, or Hudson Bay in Northern Canada. In scientific terms, Triple Divide Peak is the hydrological apex of the entire North American continent.

4.     Denali National Park


For travelers looking for the best RV trips away from civilization, there is no place more remote than Alaska’s Denali National Park. Home to Athabaskan peoples for 1,500 years, the park features the tallest peak on the North American continent. 

That makes Denali a focal point for mountaineers around the world, but there is much more to find in its five million acres of natural scenery. You’ll have to stop at the Denali Visitor Center to obtain a backcountry permit before taking your RV deep into the park’s interior – otherwise, you’ll have to drive outside the park’s boundaries every night.

5.     Florida Keys


Tennessee Williams described the Florida Keys as “the most fantastic place that I have been yet in America.” There are few places where you can enjoy an eclectic mix of mangrove swamps, coral outcroppings, and sandy beaches like in the Keys. 

Camping is prohibited on publicly-owned islands in the Keys, which means RVers have to stick to the official campgrounds. There is an exception for volunteer RV work campers who perform important tasks like operating visitor centers and cataloging wildlife three days a week.

6.     Cape Cod

Cape Cod is one of the most beautiful areas of the Atlantic coast and is especially welcoming to RVers. Beaches and quaint villages dot the coastline, occasionally punctuated by picturesque lighthouses and clapboard homes. 

New Englanders have made Cape Cod their preferred summer vacation spot for generations, and a wealth of campgrounds, RV resorts, and remote areas have opened up for tourists in response. Cape Cod truly has something for everyone – from premium resorts with private beach access to the serene woodlands of Nickerson State Park.

7.     California Central Coast


If beautiful coastlines and great weather are your top priorities, Central California offers some of the best RV routes available on this side of the planet. The Pacific Ocean moderates the local temperature, ensuring pleasant days throughout the entire year – though you may want to wear a wetsuit if you want to go surfing in the middle of winter. 

The entire area between Santa Barbara and Monterey is dotted with rugged coastlines, surf towns, and premium RV parks. Most of the RV campgrounds in this area are privately run, offering valuable amenities like on-site heated swimming pools but charging a premium in exchange.

8.     Route 66


The historic Route 66 stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles, enduring for decades as a symbol of freedom and American culture. The 2400-mile route crosses eight states and 25 tribal nations, making it by far the most versatile RV travel idea on anyone’s list. 

Ghost towns, national monuments, and muffler giants give way to expansive cave complexes, crystal-blue swimming holes, and petrified forests. Between them, all is a dense network of restaurants, museums, and small towns.

Plan Your Next Great RV Trip Now

There has never been a better time to visit some of the most notable landmarks in the United States. Visit ice-capped mountains, mangrove swamps, and idyllic beaches along some of the best RV routes in the country. Start planning your favorite RV travel ideas now and prepare to enjoy the great outdoors on your own terms. Read More: Best RV Hacks: 25 Can't-Miss Tips and Tricks!


By Jeyree Everly
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