Rounding up the new concepts in green motorhomes.


If you're constantly searching for the latest and greatest RV hacks, you're probably curious about all-electric recreational vehicles. Travel trailer manufacturers have been slow to adopt electric technology, mostly because the expansive size of these vehicles requires costly, heavy batteries. While you can invest in an electric truck-bed camper, pop-roof van, or towed pop-up trailer, full-size RVs still require gas or diesel power. Limited range may also pose a problem for true road warriors interested in going green. 

As efficiency improves with technology, however, fully electric RVs are becoming closer to a reality for consumers. Most recently, both Thor and Winnebago unveiled electric concept motorhomes earlier this year. We gathered the latest RV tips about electric models to explore the pros and cons and find out when you'll be able to test drive this type of motorcoach at a lot near you. 

Welcoming the Winnebago eV

Winnebago's very name is synonymous with mobile homes, but the brand's classic status doesn't mean it can't stay on top of modern RV camping hacks. Earlier this year, the company released its Winnebago eRV at the Florida RV Super Show. Constructed on a Ford Transit frame, the eRV is your all-electric solution to zero-emissions camping.


The Winnebago concept can be charged anywhere with an outlet, including your driveway, a standalone charging station, or your favorite campsite. The company says it takes about 45 minutes to reach full capacity with a high-speed charger. 
You can travel up to 125 miles with all your on-board systems powered up in the Winnebago eRV, which runs on a combo of an 86-kWh battery and electric motor constructed by Lightning eMotors. If you tend to travel further on your treks, you may want to wait for an electric RV with a more impressive range. According to Winnebago, future battery updates will boost the vehicle's miles per charge. 
You don't have to give up your favorite camper hacks if you decide to go with an electric RV. Winnebago's version is packed with some of the best RV camping tips and tricks we've seen, including a water heater, heat pump, and air conditioner that run on a 350-volt DC battery. You can also prep and serve full meals with the refrigerator and induction cooktop, which run on either 110-volt AC or 12-volt DC power. Winnebago included the ability to cook outside with no open flame. 
A wet bath, shower, and bed round out the trailer travel hacks you'll find in the Winnebago eV. The electric RV also showcases sustainable materials like cork and wool in its construction, with a durable composite shell that resists water and rot.

    Traveling in the Terra Firma

    Released in February 2021, the Bowlus Road Chief Terra Firma isn't an electric vehicle in the traditional sense, but it does offer one of the best RV hacks we've ever seen. This 26-foot motor home takes advantage of all-electric power so you can live off the grid in the vehicle for up to a week without a charge. If you're a fan of far-flung camping, this vehicle and its lithium-ion phosphate battery are for you. 

    This luxe motorhome has a polished chrome exterior, along with thoughtful interior details like pet dishes and beds for your furry travel companions. It incorporates carbon water filtration in the kitchen and bathroom, integrated UVC lighting for sanitation, and a HEPA air filter for improved air quality. You can control the trailer's power through the Terra Firma smartphone app.

    Taking Thor electric

    Thor Industries debuted two electric concepts during the 2022 RV supershow. The Vision Vehicle will be able to travel up to 300 miles with an integrated fuel cell and high-voltage battery. You'll also be able to take it off the grid with solar capacity and a power system designed for extended wilderness camping. Constructed on the Ford Transit platform like the Winnebago eV, the Vision also incorporates eco-friendly features like low-flow showerheads and faucets. 
    The second concept is an electric version of Thor's iconic Airstream trailer. The eStream will have an all-electric high-voltage drivetrain with remote parking and an off-grid-ready battery pack. 
    Both models have integrated digital tools to help you manage every aspect of the power supply. These smart travel trailer tips take the guesswork out of your get-up-and-go. You'll also benefit from state-of-the-art tech, with touchscreens throughout the interiors of these RVs, voice recognition commands, and 5g hookups.

      Next steps for electric

      If you're interested in going electric with your next adventure, you can currently order the Winnebago eV for 2022 delivery. The Terra Firm is available directly

      from Bowlus Road Chief with a sticker price of $265,000. Thor says you can expect to see the eStream series hit lots sometime in 2023. 

      Volkswagen fans may also be able to check out the long-rumored ID.California next year. Although it was first announced in 2017, and the planned release date is right around the corner, few details are available about this concept RV.

      Whether you plan to hold out for a fully electric camper or stick to traditional gas or diesel for the time being, half the fun is seeing what comes next as manufacturers constantly innovate new RV tips and tricks. Enviro Design Products is your home for the best RV tips and hacks. We specialize in American-made RV waste management and well-monitoring equipment with quick shipping and friendly customer support. Browse our catalog today for quality manholes and other waste solutions for your travel trailer.

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      By Jeyree Everly
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