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The 2" J-Plug Xcap Locking Well Vapor Extraction Plug SCH 40 is a highly efficient and versatile solution for vapor or water monitoring in wells. This self-sealing vapor sampling cap replaces standard monitoring well caps and allows for accurate and high-quality sampling without the need to remove the cap from the well.

Made from reinforced chemical resistant nylon, this plug is designed to withstand harsh conditions and is entirely corrosion-resistant. It features a permanently attached dust cover to keep the cap clean and protected when not in use. The large wing nut makes locking or releasing the cap much easier and more convenient.

The Xcap is perfectly suited for landfill gas sampling and is equipped with airtight brass valve and two separate BUNAN o-rings to ensure a watertight seal. The wide rubber seal provides an increased gripping area, ensuring a secure fit on the well casing.

One of the standout features of the Xcap is its ability to stabilize water tables, creating an ambient condition with both watertight enclosure and open atmosphere. This allows for sampling of vapors or water at equilibrium conditions without exposing the well to the atmosphere.

For added security, the Xcap is equipped with a flip-down locking hasp that allows you to secure it with a padlock, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access the well.

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