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The Square Well Protector, Aluminum Lid, 4" X 5' Tall, offered by Emco Wheaton, is a reliable and durable solution for protecting wells. This well protector is available in various sizes, including 4", 6", and 8", to accommodate different well dimensions.

One of the key features of this well protector is its raintight cap. The cap is made of one-piece die-cast aluminum, which is powder coated for enhanced corrosion resistance. It is also painted with a contrasting black triangle, making it easily identifiable. This cap design follows API recommendations, ensuring optimal performance.

The well protector is constructed with riveted joints, which prevent vandalism. The cap overlaps the hinge pins, providing added security. Additionally, the well protector is lockable, allowing you to safeguard your well effectively.

With stainless steel hinges that open up to 150 degrees, accessing the well is convenient and hassle-free. The optimized height of the well protector ensures it can clear even the tallest well plug, providing unobstructed access to the well.

This well protector has a maximum diameter of 4" and a maximum height of 5'. It is made of aluminum, which offers durability and longevity.

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