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The Manhole Hook with a 36" Top Popper™ Rotated Handle is a must-have tool for removing and replacing manhole lids. This high-quality tool, part # TPOP36R, is designed by T&T Tooling to provide superior strength and versatility in handling tasks safely.

Crafted from 5/8" hex alloy steel, this manhole hook offers exceptional durability and resistance to bending and flexing. Its forged tip allows for easy insertion into small openings, ensuring a secure grip on the lid. The heat-treated construction further enhances its durability, making it a reliable tool for long-term use.

One of the standout features of this manhole hook is its special rocker head, which provides additional leverage for effortlessly "popping" open even the most stubborn covers. This feature makes it easier than ever to access manholes, saving you time and effort on the job.

The rotated handle design sets this manhole hook apart from others on the market. Unlike traditional handles that lay flat on the ground, this handle is strategically positioned to prevent it from touching the ground. This design feature not only keeps the handle clean and free from dirt, but it also makes it easier to grip and handle the tool.

The oversized "D" handle is another notable feature of this manhole hook. It is large enough to accommodate gloved hands, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip. This ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue and allows for better control during use.

In addition to its practical features, this manhole hook also stands out with its vibrant bright blue color. This makes it easy to spot and identify in a busy work environment, reducing the risk of misplacing or losing the tool.

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