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The Koby FlushLock Vapor Extraction Key is a crucial component that is used in conjunction with the Torquer Locking Well Vapor Extraction Plugs. Please note that the key needs to be purchased separately.

Introducing our innovative FlushLock vapor extraction well plugs, which are designed to be flush in height and diameter with well casing. This unique feature allows for more space in pro casings or manholes, providing greater convenience and flexibility.

Crafted from environmentally sustainable prime nylon, these high-tech safety orange locking well plugs are not only durable but also eco-friendly. They do not contain any metal or padlocks, ensuring a secure and reliable well protection solution.

The FlushLock Vapor Extraction Key, specifically designed for use with FlushLock plugs, offers the ultimate security and peace of mind. With this key, you can easily lock and unlock the plugs, making it ideal for vapor extraction or product insertion applications.

Product # FLVEK

Please note that this listing includes the key only, and it is compatible only with FlushLock Vapor Extraction plugs.

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