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The Cherne® 12 in. Single-Size Underground Test-Ball® Plug is the perfect solution for blocking flow and allowing for maintenance in sanitary and storm sewer systems. It can also be used as a back plug for sewer air tests. Cherne Industries, a global leader in pipe plugs, blocking, and testing, brings you this high-quality plug designed to meet your needs.

This plug is designed to hold 40 ft of head and back pressure up to 17 PSI, ensuring reliable performance. Made of natural rubber material, it offers excellent expansion and memory, allowing it to seal both round and out-of-round pipes effectively. The removable inflation valve can be easily replaced if damaged or replaced with a quick disconnect fitting for added convenience.

Featuring an eye-bolt, this plug can be used with a poly-lift line, making it easy to handle and maneuver. Whether you need to block flow or perform sewer air testing, this plug is the perfect choice. It is available in multiple sizes to suit different requirements.

The Cherne® 12 in. Single-Size Underground Test-Ball® Plug has specific specifications to ensure optimal performance. With a deflated length of 13.75 in. (350 mm) and a deflated diameter of 10.25 in. (260 mm), it fits perfectly in pipes with a usage range of 10.50 in. - 12.25 in. (267 - 311 mm). The nominal size is 12 in. (300 mm), and it comes in a sleek black color.

The inflation thread is 1/4 in. (1), and the recommended inflation pressure is 25 psi (1.7 bar). This plug belongs to the Single-Size Underground Test-Ball® product type and features 3/8" chain eye bolts for added durability. It is primarily used for blocking flow.

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