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The Cherne® Plug, 8-12 IN. Big-Mouth with 4 IN. Bypass is the perfect solution for gravity bypassing or bypass pumping. It features a removable tire valve that allows for easy replacement, with the option for a quick disconnect. This plug is designed to make your job easier and more efficient.

One of the key features of this plug is its large male NPT threaded bypass, which ensures smooth and efficient flow. It is also equipped with a removable 3/8" eye bolt for easy lifting and lowering using a poly-lift line. The lightweight aluminum bypass adds to the convenience and portability of this plug.

In terms of specifications, this plug can handle a maximum back pressure of 15 PSI or 34 ft. It requires an inflation pressure of 35 PSI. The usage range is 7-12.25 inches, and when deflated, it has a length of 26 inches and a diameter of 6.75 inches. The nominal size of this plug is 8-12 inches.

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