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The Cherne® 18" Aluminum T-Handle Gripper® Plug (Non By-Pass) is a reliable and durable plug designed for long-term use. It features a zinc-plated steel handle, an aluminum body, and a chemical-resistant neoprene O-ring, making it ideal for various applications.

The plug is available in a size of 18 inches, specifically designed for concrete and clay pipes. It can also be used in SDR 26 and 35 pipes, providing versatility in different pipe materials. The plug's end-of-pipe design ensures that it won't fall into the pipe, while the inside-of-pipe design allows for flexible placement inside the pipe as needed.

With its heavy-duty aluminum body and zinc-plated steel T-handle, the Cherne Gripper Plug is built to withstand demanding conditions. The chemical-resistant neoprene O-ring further enhances its durability, ensuring a secure and reliable seal.

Specifications for the plug include a national size of 18 inches and a usage range of 17.7 to 18.3 inches. It can withstand a maximum back pressure of 8.7 PSI up to 20 feet. The plug has a length of 9.7 inches and weighs 30 pounds.

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