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The Cherne® 1-1/2 in. Clean-Seal® Plug, 30 PSI is a must-have tool for testing drain, waste, and vent plumbing systems. It is designed to eliminate test water backsplash, ensuring a clean and dry work area for plumbers.

This plug can hold back up to 13 PSI or 30 ft. of head pressure, making it highly reliable for various testing purposes. It is suitable for sealing both plastic and hard-to-seal cast iron threaded cleanouts, providing a leak-free seal every time.

Installation is quick and easy, and the plug features high-impact ABS threads for maximum durability. The natural rubber body ensures a secure and long-lasting seal.

The Cherne® 1-1/2 in. Clean-Seal® Plug has a deflated length of 4.75 in. and a deflated diameter of 1.5 in. It has an inflation pressure of 30 psi and an inflation thread size of 1/8 in. The nominal size is 1.5 in.

This product weighs only 0.15 lbs., making it lightweight and easy to handle. The color of the plug is black.

Cherne Industries, a global leader in pipe plug and testing, brings you this reliable and efficient Clean-Seal® Plug. For more information about this product or to make a purchase, please contact the Enivo Design Product sales team. They can be reached via phone at 866-514-3684 or through the chat widget at the bottom of the screen.

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