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The 4" FlushLock Locking Well Plug SCH 80 is a revolutionary well plug that offers superior protection and convenience. Unlike traditional well plugs, the FlushLock well plug is designed to be flush in height and diameter with the well casing, which frees up valuable space in pro casings or manholes.

Made from an environmentally sustainable prime Nylon material, this well plug is not only durable but also safe for the environment. It does not contain any metals or padlocks, instead, it utilizes a unique security key for maximum well protection.

The FlushLock well plug is perfect for vapor extraction or product insertion applications. Its innovative design and construction make it an ideal choice for any well-related project.

Key Features:
- New Generation locking Well Plug: This well plug is designed with the latest technology to ensure maximum security and convenience.
- Flush Locking Plug Profile: The flush profile of this well plug eliminates any protrusions, making it easier to work with.
- Frees up Space in the Casing or Manhole: By being flush with the well casing, this well plug creates more space for other equipment or activities.
- Unique Security Key: The well plug can only be accessed with a special security key, ensuring the ultimate security.
- No Metal Parts or Padlocks: The absence of metal parts or padlocks makes this well plug safe and easy to use.
- Environmentally Sustainable Construction: Made from prime Nylon, this well plug is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
- The Quad 4 Gasket Sealing System: This well plug features a quad gasket sealing system for superior leak protection.
- Vapor Extraction Ideal: The FlushLock well plug is specifically designed for vapor extraction applications.
- Made in the USA: This well plug is proudly made in the USA, ensuring high quality and reliability.
- Bright Safety Orange Color: The well plug is easy to spot thanks to its bright safety orange color.
- Domed Top: The domed top of the well plug helps shuttle liquids away from the well, preventing any potential damage.
- Clear Highly Visible NO FILL TEST WELL and Triangle ID lettering: The well plug is clearly labeled with "NO FILL TEST WELL" and triangle ID lettering for easy identification.

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