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The Emco Wheaton A0716 Composite Manhole is designed with lightweight, slip-resistant composite manhole covers. These covers are made using the latest manufacturing technology to ensure porosity-free molding and a compact, homogeneous distribution of reinforcing fiber. Additionally, the covers utilize a UV resistant treatment to protect against sun and weather damage.

The Emco Wheaton Lay-In Replacement Lids are compatible with Emco and competitor manholes. They are available in 3/8" steel and composite materials. The composite covers are made of a lightweight, slip-resistant composite material, ensuring durability and safety. They also feature a slip-resistant tread pattern and stainless steel fittings.

The lids are equipped with a spring-loaded and key-lift handle for easy opening and closing. They also include a stainless steel pry bar cleat for added convenience. With a lid diameter of 44.3 inches, these covers are suitable for various manhole sizes.

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