Why not make them flush with the street?

Have you ever been driving on an unfamiliar road and seen the vehicle in front of you swerve for no discernible reason—only to hear the loud clunk a few moments later as your car runs over a sunken manhole? It’s one of those little annoyances that may lead you to...

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Why use public-access showers when you have your own readily available in your RV? Before you hit the stalls, use our tips to help you effectively manage your RV’s water system.


If you’re new to the camper community, you might be apprehensive about the whole concept of showering in an RV. Compared to the shower you use in your home, an RV shower contains a lot less space, hot water is used sparingly, and you certainly won’t be lingering in there...

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 A guide to well water quality and how to protect your health and plumbing.


Have you noticed that your well water has a slightly different taste, smell, or color to it? Or maybe you’re taking a proactive approach and want to know how to make sure your water is as high-quality as possible. Whatever the case may be, if your home or business uses...

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How to disguise drain covers in your garden or lawn.

There’s a reason why there are professional landscape designers and decorators who specialize in curb appeal: merging form with function is no easy feat. Take drain covers, for example. They’re vital to your property’s drainage, but they can mar the look of an otherwise lovely garden, lawn, or property. You...

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How to find savings, community, and camping sites with RV clubs.

The RV life is a wholly unique lifestyle, and for many new RVers, it’s the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of untethered freedom. There’s a lot to learn about the RV life when you’re first getting started, though, from the essentials of operating and maintaining your RV to the best...

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Simple tips for sustainable living.

Can RV travel be sustainable? Maybe you love the idea of the RV lifestyle but are worried that a gas-guzzling RV will be the opposite of eco-friendly. Of course, there are plenty of inherent aspects of RV life that encourage sustainable living—living a minimalist lifestyle in a small space, for instance....

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How to detect and resolve common RV plumbing emergencies.


The RV life is all about freedom, the open road, and the ability to change your scenery whenever you choose. The last thing you want is to be forced to drop everything and rescue your RV from a plumbing emergency. Life happens, though, so knowing what to do when these...

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Check out these seven essential facts for homeowners.

Property ownership is all about give and take—primarily, taking independence and giving your time and responsibility for maintenance and repairs. If you’re one of the 43 million people who use a private well for drinking water and other household water needs, water well maintenance and repair is one of those...

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