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The Emco Wheaton A0716 Series Composite Manholes are the perfect solution for lightweight and durable manhole covers. With a size of 44" in diameter and 20" in height, these manholes are designed to meet your specific needs. The cam-lock lid ensures a secure closure, while the wedding cake skirt adds an extra layer of protection.

Constructed with a strong and slip-resistant composite material, these manhole covers are built to last. They are specially molded with a UV additive to protect against sun and weather damage, ensuring long-lasting durability. The steel rim and skirt provide additional strength and stability.

The A0716-044CW model features a non-skid surface, making it safe to walk on even in wet conditions. The domed top construction helps to shed water, preventing any pooling or accumulation. The cam-lock lid is equipped with a water-resistant ribbed seal, ensuring a tight and secure fit. The lid also features two stainless steel dual handles - spring-loaded and key-lift - for easy opening and closing.

The wedding cake base of the A0716-044CW model is designed to install over a containment sump, providing additional protection and preventing any leaks or spills.

In terms of specifications, the lid color is black, and the overall diameter of the manhole cover is 45.7". The clearhole ID is 41.5" and the skirt ID is 43.1". The first step height is 10.0", and the overall height is 21.3". The manhole cover weighs 200 lb.

With its AASHTO H20 Wheel Loading compliance, this composite manhole cover is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its lightweight yet strong construction makes it ideal for areas with heavy traffic or load requirements.

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