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Valves & Ball Floats

The Valves & Ball Floats Valves are designed to restrict product flow in the event of a UST overfill.

The Valves & Ball Floats Valves are available with electroless nickel coating for compatibility with E85 fuels. The ball and spring are stainless steel.

Fast and Easy Installation

  • Underwater Installation: By using the float attachment cord the ½”, ¾” and 1” horizontal float and sleeve valves can be installed underwater.
  • BSP Threads: The Plumbing and Irrigation sectors use British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads as a standard. Philmac also uses these thread types across the float and accessory range to ensure compatibility with other threaded fittings and make installation easy.

Complete Security

  • Reliable Operation: Consistent high quality injection moulded plastic, spun copper or spun stainless steel floats means years of reliable operation.
  • Corrosion Resistant: The floats are manufactured from plastic, copper or stainless steel. Accessories are manufactured from DZR brass or polyester. These materials all offer a high degree of corrosion resistance.