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Emergency Shear Valves

The Emergency Shear Valve incorporates a replaceable shear section and a heat sensitive fusible link assembly. The valve can be manually operated to facilitate dispenser maintenance and incorporates a 3/8” test port. The closing poppet assembly is positioned out of the fuel flow path to minimize pressure drop. The Emergency Shear Valves utilizes a standard three boss mounting arrangement. Available in single or double poppet variants.

  • The Emergency Shear Valves installs on vapor recovery lines under the dispenser to eliminate the escape of vapors in the event of a collision to the dispenser.
  • The double poppet valve incorporates a 1.5” female NPT connection to the underground piping and a 1” female NPT connection to dispenser piping.
  • The valve incorporates a 3/8” test port.
  • The Emergency Shear Valves is approved for use with all CARB certified pre-EVR and EVR Phase II vapor recovery systems.
  • Includes 3 boss mounting hardware.