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The 1" Torquer Locking Well Plug is a reliable and affordable solution for watertight sealing. Made with integrity, this plug features an orange locking nylon expansion design that ensures a secure fit. Unlike other plugs, it is free from any metal parts that may corrode over time. The high-tech liquid tight seamless dual rubber gasket provides added protection against leaks.

One of the key advantages of the Torquer plug is its ease of use. It can be easily disassembled when needed, making it convenient for maintenance and decontamination purposes. Additionally, we offer customization options to incorporate company logos and branding on the plug.

Here are some notable features of the 1" Torquer Locking Well Plug:
- Size: T1, with a minimum size of .925" (23.5mm) and a maximum size of 1.260" (32mm)
- Compatible with #1 or #3 type padlocks or Safety Lock-Out Tags
- Manufactured from an engineering-grade polymer blend, resistant to most chemicals and unaffected by freezing or high temperatures
- Lightweight yet incredibly strong
- Easy on, easy off wingnut for hassle-free installation
- Large, bold well ID lettering for easy identification
- Bright safety coloring for enhanced visibility
- Flush OD design for effortless well installation
- Domed top prevents liquids from pooling
- Can be easily converted for vapor extraction, pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, and threaded line fittings

Enviro Design Products is an authorized distributor of Koby Environmental's high-quality American-made products. Koby Environmental has been a trusted name in environmental groundwater and soil testing equipment since 1989.

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